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Rex the Electronic Watchdog has been used to scare not only intruders, but bear and deer!

Bear Beware


STI Products Work!
Since we installed the STI Exit Stopper, there are no more unwanted exits from the gym door. It stopped dirt from being tracked back on the floor.

Mike Carbaugh
Head Custodian
Mari-Linn School

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About STI

False fire alarms and the theft and vandalism of protection devices can be a serious issue, compromising safety as well as costing money.

STI has been producing safety technologies that stop false fire alarms and prevent theft and vandalism for thirty years. We now market more than 1000 products worldwide. Our range includes fire alarms protection devices, stopper covers and enclosures, wire guard protectors and security protection products.

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STI Stopper II

2 Ways to Keep
Devices Cool

Protective Cabinets with AC
STI-7550AC & STI-7560AC

    • AC cabinets protect sensitive electronic
      equipment from high temperatures
    • Constructed of tough polycarbonate
      or metal
    • Helps alleviate temperature concerns
    • AC has a low ambient operation package
      to help prevent it from freezing

      protect your equipment

Products Winner

Universal Stopper®

    • Cover protects against false fire alarms
    • Helps save possible municiple fees, distruption,
      lost revenue, loss of protectivity from
      employees and/or staff members,
      damage, and replacement fees
    • Sized to fit most pull stations
    • High strength continuous hinge
    • UL/cUL Listed, waterproof 3RX

    • Find out more

Covers for
Outdoor Use

Type 4X Protective Cabinets
STI-7520-OW & STI-7521-OW

    • Tough off-white polycarbonate
    • Helps protect electronic devices against the
      sun and weather
    • Protects against vandalism and accidental
    • Available with key or thumb lock
    • Mounts on the wall enabling unit to be
      stored in designated location

    • Find out more

Connect to
Control Panel

Wireless Driveway Monitor
with Single Channel Slave Receiver

    • Know when someone enters or leaves
      the driveway
    • Small sized receiver works in conjunction
      with a control panel
    • Receiver's Form “C” contact enables the
      device to interconnect with another system
    • Operates up to 1000’ (line of sight)
    • Form “C” relay, 12 VDC operation
    • Momentary or latching

    • More information