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Need to tell Rex to stop barking? Try hooking the barking dog alarm to a remote controlled switch.



STI Products Work!
I have been using two Stopper II units on the long term care unit where residents were pulling the alarms frequently. Since I installed them, I have had no false fire alarms.

Frank  Lansing
Director Plant Operations
Courville at Manchester

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About STI

False fire alarms and the theft and vandalism of protection devices can be a serious issue, compromising safety as well as costing money.

STI has been producing safety technologies that stop false fire alarms and prevent theft and vandalism for thirty years. We now market more than 1000 products worldwide. Our range includes fire alarms protection devices, stopper covers and enclosures, wire guard protectors and security protection products.

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STI Stopper II

Making Protection
a Snap

Bopper Stopper® with Mounting Plate

    • Spring loaded hinged cover now includes
      mounting plate
    • Included adapter plate provides a solid
      back for surface mount applications
    • Hinged cover takes hard knocks in stride while
      helping to protect smaller-sized electrical units
    • Inexpensive and highly durable

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Keep It Hot

Multiple Heated Enclosures

    • Offers an excellent way to secure electronics
      outside or in exposed environments
    • Radiant heat plate prevents controls from
      becoming sluggish or inoperable
    • Heater keeps temperatures above 32
      degrees inside covers
    • Multiple sizes available
    • For use over controls, pull stations, keypads,
      horn/strobes and more

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Conduit Exposed?
STI’s Solution.

Universal Stopper ®

    • Indoor/outdoor polycarbonate cover
    • Protects against vandalism and damage
    • Sized to fit most pull stations
    • Cover molded from thick, super tough
      polycarbonate material
    • High strength continuous hinge
    • Low profile, ADA Compliant

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Watchdog Alarm

Rex Plus® II Watchdog Alarm

    • Barking dog alarm
    • Provides an excellent way to deter burglars
    • The closer an intruder gets, the more
      frequent the barking becomes
    • Controls at the top for easy access
    • Simply plug into standard electrical outlet
      or uses 6 C batteries
    • Water resistant flip top

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