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Rex Plus® Electronic Watchdog

Rex Plus®, the electronic watchdog alarm, never needs sleep, a walk, food or water yet is always on duty guarding and protecting. Choose from four settings: continual tranquil sounds of the rainforest, alert sound of an angry and protective watchdog, soothing sounds to alert you of a guest's arrival, and alert sounds of both the angry watchdog and a warning siren. Rex Plus can "see" through thick doors, walls and glass. Once you plug his cord into any standard 110-VAC electrical outlet, he'll stay on duty around the clock. Ideal for homes, apartments, mobile homes, RVs, jewelry stores, hotels, public and private buildings of virtually every kind.

Choose any location indoors where you want to detect movement such as hidden behind the front door. Turn Rex on and he begins detecting. When movement is detected, Rex Plus will alert you with the sounds you have chosen.


  • Plugs into any standard electrical outlet.
  • Reliable 24 hour protection.
  • Volume control.
  • The closer an intruder gets, the more frequent the barking
  • Perfect for all public and private buildings
  • Switches from the watchdog mode to the tranquil sounds of nature with the simple switch of a button
  • Maintenance free
  • Limited 90 day warranty