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New touch free buttons help prevent the spread of germs. Simply wave to open a door (enter or exit).


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Protect sensitive devices, big or small.

Wire Cages

No touch and push buttons help stop the spread of germs

STI Buttons

Save money and stop false fire alarms with STI's Contractor 6-Packs

Stopper II® Contractor Packs

Guard against vandalism and environmental damage.

EnviroArmour® NEMA Enclosures

Prevent false fire alarms, vandalism and damage.

Universal Stopper®

Deter tampering with important medical equipment.


Rely on STI®

STI is a specialist manufacturer of fire, safety and security products. Our products help deter false alarms and prevent theft and vandalism of smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and other essential fire and security equipment.

Protect your valuable outdoor equipment.

EnviroArmour® Waterproof Polycarbonate NEMA ›
EP and EF

Customizable, durable buttons for any environment.

Stopper® Stations Buttons & Switches ›

STI exit alarm prevents theft and vandalism.

Exit Stopper® ›

Keep your life-saving equipment functional.

MED Protective Cabinets ›

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