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STI is a family owned business that manufactures covers, cages, enclosures, and alarms to help prevent theft and vandalism to: fire pull stations, smoke detectors, strobe/horns, keypads, AEDs, exit signs, emergency lights, control panels, motion detectors, CCTVs, clocks, etc. Environmentally controlled cabinets, alarms for exit/entry doors or fire extinguishers, wireless door/doorbell chimes, buttons, alarm/strobe controller. Wireless Alert monitoring: open/closed garage door, mail delivery, car entering driveway, exit door, fire extinguisher, gate, cabinet, push button, shed, barn, etc.

Safety Technology International, Inc.

who we are

STI is a family owned and operated business that began over 40 years ago with Jack Taylor’s invention of the Pull Station Protector. Safety Technology now markets over 1000 unique products throughout the world to prevent false fire alarms and the theft and vandalism of the things that protect us all such as smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and other critically important equipment.


Headquartered in Waterford, Michigan with an office in Worcestershire, England, the STI team has worked hard to continue the efforts Jack Taylor started. The first product, the Pull Station Protector (today the Stopper®), came directly at the request of a high school principal in the Detroit, Michigan, who had a problem with false fire alarms. Most new products throughout the years are a direct result of these types of requests. If you have a false fire alarm issue, theft, vandalism or other problem, we invite you to contact us with the challenge of solving it for you.





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