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February 27, 2020

NEMA 4X EnviroArmour Protection

Protect Equipment from Inclement Weather with EnviroArmour® Enclosures

  • Fiberglass or polycarbonate construction
  • Offered with ventilation options such as A/C with heat, A/C only, filter fans, drain vent and pressure compensation vents
  • Fiberglass enclosures are resistant to chemical agents and guard against harsh environments whereas polycarbonate enclosures are impact resistant
  • Suitable for devices that require protection against rain, sleet, snow, splashing water, hose directed water and impact
  • Lockable cabinets are durable and reliable
  • Variety of sizes and options available
  • Fiberglass enclosure offers a choice of a clear or opaque door
  • Polycarbonate enclosure offers a choice of a tinted or opaque door

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