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STI manufacturers protective enclosures, covers, cages, constructed of tough polycarbonate or metal. Alarms protect extinguishers, exit/entry doors, mini controllers/strobes. Buttons from basic, custom or all in one kit (including outdoor protective covers).

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Safety Technology Int’l., Inc, has a wide range of high quality security protection products including fire security devices, buttons and switches, alarms and chimes, wire guards, cabinets, covers and enclosures (environmental enclosures with or without heat and/or A/C). We are focused on preventing false fire alarms, theft and vandalism through innovative solution-based security protection products. We protect the things that protect you.® Here you can find our full product range.

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Use our handy Application Guides to find a range of STI products for educational, commercial, office and industrial environments.

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We love a challenge. If you suffer from false fire alarms, theft or vandalism, we invite you to call us with the challenge of solving these issues.


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