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March 1, 2024

Protect Sensitive Appliances from Harsh Environments with Top-Quality Enclosures


Why You Need to Protect Essential Equipment with Enclosures 

Enclosures present a premium selection of high-quality options for safeguarding equipment in environments prone to inclement weather and other challenging conditions requiring protection, installation flexibility, and electrical distribution needs.

The demand for protective enclosures is predicted to experience a notable upsurge, reflecting an increasing need to shield sensitive devices from environmental hazards and potential damage, whether intentional or accidental.

Enclosures are essential pieces of equipment that help store and protect delicate appliances and more from hazards such as dust, water, vandalism, theft, misuse, and prying eyes. Serving as a simple yet effective solution, enclosures provide secure storage for vulnerable devices, ensuring their safety and functionality.

The significance of protective enclosures cannot be overemphasized, regardless of the size or complexity of the equipment, there often needs to be some degree of protection.

Selecting the proper cabinets has a major impact on a building. The correct enclosures not only shield systems from external threats but also help maintain their operational efficiency by guarding against dirt, contaminants, and fluid ingress, helping to minimize downtime.

Protect vital equipment in demanding environments with a full range of high-quality enclosures.

Invest in the Proper Protective Enclosures

Investing in the appropriate protective enclosures is paramount. Non-metallic NEMA enclosures offer tailored solutions designed to meet the demands of critical applications.

STI-EF181610-water resistant fiberglass enclosuresSTI offers a range of non-metallic environmental enclosures engineered for swift and hassle-free installation. The series is designed to easily adapt to a facility’s space and budget needs while allowing secured access to the protected equipment when necessary.

STI-EP181611 lockable polycarbonate enclosureThe wireless-friendly, non-metallic lockable fiberglass or polycarbonate enclosures (no steel or metal to block wireless transmission) offer durability and reliability, effectively guard sensitive devices from adverse weather conditions, vandalism, tampering, and theft. Their clean, contemporary appearance combined with their rugged, dependable performance is perfect for devices requiring protection against rain, sleet, snow, splashing water, hose directed water, and impact. Suitable for use with control panels, medical equipment, alarm panels, wireless equipment, DVRs, and more.

EP-5-0a - polycarbonate power distributionSTI’s complete line of NEMA 4 EnviroArmour® Enclosures provides ventilation options, including air conditioning with heat, to help combat extreme weather conditions and maintain electronics’ functionality in severe temperatures. The fiberglass enclosures, available with clear or opaque doors, are resistant to chemical agents and help guard against harsher environments. The durable polycarbonate enclosures, equipped with tinted or opaque doors and power distribution options, offer both aesthetic appeal and impact resistance. Ventilation options include AC and heat, filter fans, drain vents, hygrostats, thermostats, pressure compensation vents, and a range of back panels.

All EnviroArmour Enclosures feature a removable lockable or screw-down door, and mounting panels to simplify field installations. The enclosures are Type 3R, 4, 4X, 6P, 12, IP66 (for detailed specifications, visit the series page), and are UL/cUL Listed.

40+ Years of Experience

Safety Technology International (STI) is a long-time trusted manufacturer of fire, safety, and security products that help deter false alarms, alert to emergency situations, prevent theft, and minimize damage to equipment in buildings worldwide.

For all your access control and fire alarm needs, STI offers a variety of cabinets, enclosures, cages, alarms, and custom or touch-free buttons.

For over 40 years you can Rely on STI® for covers, cages, alarms, and buttons.