Fire Related Solutions


We have been helping deter false fire alarms and protect valuable equipment for over 40 years. The strong, durable construction of our pull station protectors, smoke detector guards, horn strobe covers and alarms means they take the toughest knocks, while offering lasting protection.

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False fire alarm activation+

Stolen or misused fire extinguisher+

Smoke detector vandalism+

Repeatedly replacing broken fire call point glass+

Manual call points (MCP) are rendered inoperable until replacement glass is sourced and fitted by an installer. The ReSet has a resettable operating element that can be reused again and again helping to reduce costs of replacing MCP glass.

Unauthorized exit/entry through fire doors+

Misuse of remote exit doors, need wireless+

Wireless monitoring of an exit or fire door can be achieved with the Wireless Exit Stopper, alerting you to any unauthorized or authorized exits.

Water and weather damage to fire pull stations or call points+

Fire horn/strobe vandalism and tampering+