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Whether intentional or accidental, STI helps protect equipment in gymnasiums, hallways, entryways and other high traffic areas.

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False fire alarm activation

Stolen or misused fire extinguisher

Smoke detector vandalism

Repeatedly replacing broken fire call point glass

Manual Call Points (MCP) are rendered inoperable until replacement glass is purchased and installed by an installer. The ReSet has a resettable operating element that can be reused again and again helping to reduce costs of replacing MCP glass.

Prevent thermostat tinkering

Temperature tampering is well known. To regulate and reduce energy costs, our polycarbonate covers can protect thermostats with the option of either a key lock or a thumb lock to deter misuse.

Fire horn/strobe theft and tampering

Vandalized CCTVs and security control panels

Tampering of keypads and biometric readers

Water damage to fire pull stations or call points

Vandalized external lighting