Wireless Solutions


Looking for an alarm system but don’t want a complicated wiring job? STI has a solution.

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Wireless fire extinguisher alarms+

Unauthorized exit/entry through fire doors+

Unsupervised exit doors can encourage unauthorized entry or exit leading to theft. With wireless exit alarms you can protect and monitor the use of doors.

Cost effective, reliable alarm systems+

Wireless chimes for doors, windows, movement+

Having trouble hearing your doorbell? Need to know if a window or cabinet has been opened? Wireless chimes operate up to 500 feet line of sight.

Did a customer walk in the front (or rear) door?+

Movement lets you know a customer has entered a detection zone, and greets the customer with a tune or tone. Receiver plugs into a standard electrical outlet and transmitter is battery operated.

Tired of checking the mailbox before the mail is delivered?+

STI’s Wireless Alert series can monitor a mail box, shed, door and medicine cabinet, or driveway or window or gate or… Wirelessly operates up to 1000 feet line of sight. Receivers can interconnect into an existing control panel, or chime to STI’s 4-Channel Voice or 8-Channel Receiver.