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February 22, 2023

Stopper® Station Buttons for Urgent Situations

Stopper Stations Urgent Situations

Buttons Allow Rapid Response to Critical Incidents

  • Buttons permit the power of early warning to an active critical incident
  • Easy-to-use, buttons aid in rapid response
  • Buttons allow users to perform a calm, effective and confident action when needed
  • Available with standard or custom labeling in virtually any language
  • Button shell available in red, green, yellow, white, blue or orange
  • Switch options include: Key-to-Reset, Turn-to-Reset, Pneumatic, Momentary, or Weather Resistant
  • Variety of tough protective cover options with or without a siren
  • Optional 12-24 volt LED illumination
  • Easily find the push button when lights are off for safety reasons or in a dark corridor

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