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October 19, 2021

WATCH: How STI Switches are Made

Access Control Switches

Rely on STI for Switches and Buttons

  • NoTouch® IR Switches
    • Helps reduce germs from transferring to hundreds of hands and surfaces
    • To exit/enter without touch, a user must simply wave their hand in front of the touchless button
    • Infrared detects waving motion and unlatches the time adjustable door
    • Constructed of medical/food grade 304 stainless steel or cast aluminum
  • Stopper® Station Push Buttons
    • Capable of being activated with an elbow, helping to reduce the transmission of germs
    • Several activation choices available—including pneumatic, key-to-reset, momentary and more
    • For outdoor applications a 2” weather resistant LED that withstands the elements is also offered

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