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March 1, 2024

Wire Guards 101: Safeguarding Critical Equipment for Safety and Security


What Are Wire Guards and Why Are They Needed? 

In active environments, maintaining the integrity of essential security equipment and life safety systems mounted on walls and ceilings is vital yet challenging. The risk of damage, vandalism, or theft of such equipment poses significant concerns as it jeopardizes the safety of citizens, students, employees, staff, customers, and visitors.

Security threats can render a building susceptible to various forms of loss or damage, stemming from the most common crimes such as vandalism and theft. The weaknesses largely hinge on the structural integrity of the building and the effectiveness of safeguarding its critical equipment.

Apart from the substantial costs associated with repairing or replacing damaged or stolen equipment, the unsightly appearance of compromised property and safety devices can contribute to disorder within a building’s environment.

With safety a main concern, it is vital to protect important building equipment against impairment. Businesses bear the responsibility of ensuring visitor safety, and any lapse in fulfilling this obligation can put everyone involved at risk. There are several situations and instances that may endanger innocent individuals, and if safety-related mishaps occur, these factors are magnified.

Broken equipment not only poses an increased threat to the safety of facilities and visitors but also undermines overall well-being. Implementing a few simple yet effective building upgrades can significantly mitigate these safety concerns.

Wire guards offer appliances protection from being broken, thereby ensuring their continued functionality and enhancing the safety of individuals. Available in multiple sizes, shapes, and styles, these cages suit a range of specific applications.

Uses for Wire Guards

Wire cages can serve multiple functions based on their unique design. The primary advantage of guards is that they keep safety devices protected from vandalism, accidental damage, and theft while also ensuring they remain operational and accessible to authorized personnel.

Smoke Detectors

STI-9601 Smoke Detector GuardThe global smoke detector market is projected to witness a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 8.7% from 2021 to 2028 (Emergen Research). Smoke alarms play a critical role in early fire detection and notification, helping to reduce casualties and injuries.

Installing metal guards over smoke detectors helps shield them from damage, ensuring the safety of both the detectors and building occupants. Damage to smoke detectors, whether intentional or accidental, can compromise their functionality, potentially endangering occupants. It’s essential to use protective guards that are tested, approved, and listed by UL for fire safety equipment.

Exit Signs

9640 - exit signsIlluminated exit signs enable occupants to locate exits during emergencies. Damage to these signs, whether due to vandalism or unintentional causes, can impair their performance, posing safety threats. Protecting these costly signs with wire guards ensures their integrity while maintaining visibility and legibility. It is also possible that damaged exit signs may pose electrical hazards, escalating an emergency into a threatening situation. Durable wire guards provide a reliable solution to safeguard exit signs from vandalism and accidental damage, ensuring their continued operation.


Installing quality notification appliances such as horns, strobes, speakers, and beacons is essential for alerting building occupants during emergencies. The equipment is useless if it is damaged and unable to provide an effective warning. Protecting these devices with wire guards is crucial to maintaining their integrity. Wire cages provide protection against vandalism and accidental damage, ensuring these notification appliances remain operational when needed to alert of a crisis.


Clocks, though fragile, are necessary devices that are prone to damage and become inoperable. Often mounted high on a wall, an investment in protecting cages for clocks in gymnasiums, auditoriums, and facilities helps prevent impairment, saving time and costs associated with replacements.

Motion Detectors

9620-pir guardsThe motion sensor global market is poised for significant growth in the next ten years. It was estimated to reach $6.4 billion by 2023 and will grow at a CAGR of 7% to reach $12.59 billion by 2033 (Future Market Insights).

PIRs and motion detectors play a crucial role in monitoring areas and buildings at risk of potential harmful situations. Protecting these devices with wire guards is essential for building security and safety, reducing the threat of malfunctions.

Protect Your Investment with Steel Cages

Ensuring the safety of building occupants necessitates proactive measures to mitigate equipment impairment. STI offers an extensive range of highly durable wire guards to address vulnerabilities in buildings. These cages provide excellent protection for exposed devices, helping to prevent the risks associated with vandalism, accidental damage, misuse, and theft.

Constructed of tough, 9-gauge steel wire coated with corrosion-resistant polyester, stainless steel, or cold-rolled steel, STI’s cages ensure protected devices remain operational, enhancing productivity. They also help reduce maintenance costs, minimize downtime for replacing broken or stolen units, and waiting for parts to arrive.

STI offers wire guards in various models and sizes to protect smoke detectors, horns/strobes/speakers, clocks/bells, exit signs, motion detectors, speakers, and more. Many of these units are UL/cUL Listed. 

40+ Years of Experience

Safety Technology International (STI) is a long-time trusted manufacturer of fire, safety, and security products that help deter false alarms, alert to emergency situations, prevent theft, and minimize damage to equipment in buildings worldwide.

For all your access control and fire alarm needs, STI offers a variety of covers, cabinets, enclosures, cages, alarms, and custom or touch-free buttons.

For over 40 years you can Rely on STI® for covers, cages, alarms, and buttons.